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Fincher Files

The 28th. August 28th, to be exact. Year? 1962. The atmosphere is stale, the light is saturated, the frame is tightly composed—carefully shot but seemingly always dislocated. The inner psychology of the character has its external limits. Are we talking about the conditions in which David Fincher was born? Quite possibly. His filmmaking style seems...

August 28, 2015July 18, 2018

“Limited Partnership,” Endless Love

After years of struggle, sacrifice and toil for gay and lesbian couples in America, the Supreme Court nationally legitimized/legalized same-sex marriage. Thus, it only seems natural that we as citizens, readers, and film-watchers alike address the relevance of said road to equality in film. In this episode, we’re spotlighting Thomas Miller’s 2014 documentary Limited Partnership,...

July 13, 2015July 18, 2018

A Musical Soul: Paying Tribute to the Great James Horner

One could say that film has unfortunately lost a part of its musical soul. Despite film initially being a purely visual medium, original scores particularly those of James Horner have engaged in a rather profound dialogue between sight and, don’t you forget it, sound. Thus, we propel forward in paying homage to a composer for...

June 26, 2015July 18, 2018