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Will You Holler for “The Hollars”?

             Tuesday night’s OCFS screening of The Hollars (John Krasinski’s directorial debut) was held at the Regency South Coast Plaza Theater. Those in attendance were notably ecstatic for and, dare I say, moved by the film. [Can I say that word on this blog?] Understandably so, especially when the story’s about life’s regrets and love’s content within—you guessed it—a dysfunctional family.              When bare-spoken mother and backbone-of-the-family...

August 25, 2016July 18, 2018
Join us for a special screening of CHASING GOLD, along with a Q&A with Dir. Brent Deal and the US Team

Join us for a special screening of CHASING GOLD, along with a Q&A with Dir. Brent Deal and the US Team

The Newport Beach Film Festival, in partnership with eyeDeal pictures, presents a special screening of CHASING GOLD, an inspiring documentary about the American Stand Up Paddling and Paddleboarding Championship team. The Film will screen at the Regency Lido Theater on August 11 at 7pm. For three years in a row, Team Australia has taken home the...

July 15, 2016July 18, 2018

My Name Is Emily

This year at The Newport Beach Film Festival, the Irish Showcase began on Sunday, April 24 featuring a new Irish film called, “My Name Is Emily” directed by Simon Fitzmaurice. The day began with a conversation seminar with Irish actor Chris O’Dowd who expressed his excitement and interest in seeing the spotlight film later that...

April 29, 2016July 18, 2018


  How far would you go for $5 million? Would you betray your family? Would you lose a couple fingers? Would you kill someone? Premiering at The Newport Beach Film Festival Wednesday night was Martín Rosete’s film, “Money” which follows a friendship and a family as it crumbles due to constant greed and uncertainty due...

April 28, 2016July 18, 2018
A Heavy Heart

A Heavy Heart

  Within the past few years ALS (also known as Louh Gehrig’s disease) has been brought to attention with events like the ever so popular “Ice Bucket Challenge” that drew participants together to donate to the disease. At The Newport Beach Film Festival this year, German film, “A Heavy Heart”, directed by Thomas Stuber premiered...

April 28, 2016July 18, 2018

A Furry Flick: The Beauty & Complexity of the Furry Fandom

What do you get when you mix a culture that promotes individuality and self-expression with an autocratic, dictatorial, self-declared leader? Fursonas, a documentary that began as Dominic Rodriguez and Olivia Vaughn’s senior thesis, dives deep into this question while simultaneously dismantling everything we thought we knew about the Furry Fandom.   So what exactly is...

April 25, 2016July 18, 2018

After The Reality – Opening Night NBFF

  In Newport Beach during the evening of April 21, stars and festival attendees alike came trickling into town with excitement about the opening night of the Newport Beach Film Festival. Meeting at the Island Hotel in Newport, a small gathering was held for those in attendance where they would later make their way down...

April 23, 2016July 18, 2018

A Tale of Food Hits the Big Screen

Food is a universal language, a way of connecting to people through one of the most pleasing senses. It presents the opportunity to get a literal and metaphorical taste of a culture one may never be able to experience first-hand. Within the past 10-15 years, food has developed into a modern art form and gained...

March 17, 2016July 18, 2018

Lady, My Van is Your Van: “The Lady in the Van”

Another night with the Orange County Film Society; the lights dim, the theater darkens, the sudden bright light of the screen beckons you into its projection, things get a little passionate…Indeed, they do ladies and gentlemen, for film is a loving and numbing mistress. Thursday night’s love affair was The Lady in the Van starring...

December 21, 2015July 18, 2018
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