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The Character of the President

The Character of the President

Today marks a month into one of the most salient transfers of power in America’s recent memory. What a month full of news it’s been! This President’s day, in particular, is a perfect opportunity to look at films that depict the character of the American President. Take a break from your news feed and feed yourself...

February 20, 2017July 18, 2018

Alternative Valentine’s Day Films

This Valentine’s day, do yourself a favor and skip the rom-coms. I’ll tell you why: You’re better off without the cheesy dialogue and warped reality. Face it, John Cusack is not coming to your house holding up a boombox (Say Anything). They don’t even make those anymore. Emma Stone is not going to think you’re slightly...

February 14, 2017July 18, 2018

10 Romantic Movies from the 80s We All Love

Romance is synonymous with Valentine’s Day, and a great way to celebrate the day has long been to appreciate the love stories that fill our hearts from the big screen. Chocolate, flowers, and big gestures of love were never bigger than in the decade of neon tights and side ponytails. This Valentine’s Day, it’s time...

February 14, 2016July 18, 2018

Five Must-See Black-Centric Indie Films from this Past Year

In celebration of Black History Month, we list some top independent black-centric films that that amazed in this past year. From Sundance hits to ground-breaking work in filmmaking and talent, here are several films that enlightened and entertained. Dope (2015) Director/ Writer: Rick Famuyiwa After a chance invitation to an underground party by the neighborhood...

February 10, 2016July 18, 2018

The Stuffed Birds: Giving Thanks to Alfred Hitchcock

Alright, alright, picture this: From outside the icy night, enshrouded in 5:00 PM darkness, you enter a home that is no stranger to the presence of warmth. Your cheeks are rosy from the frosty air (Frosty? It’s California).  I don’t forecast. Anyway, something’s missing. You’re looking for it, left and right, like cars at a...

November 26, 2015July 18, 2018

Fright Fest: 7 Films to Watch in the Dark

‘Tis the season for the spooks and creeps. Southern California may lack the natural aesthetic one expects from autumn: browning leaves, cooler weather, etc., but that certainly doesn’t stop the people from getting into the spirit of Halloween. In honor of the season, we’ve gathered some favorite Halloween films from the NBFF team, along with...

October 31, 2015July 18, 2018


Here at the Newport Beach Film Festival, there are films that cater to just about every moviegoer. There are featured dramas, comedies, action sports, international films, and more. But there is one genre that hasn’t gotten the same exposure: Horror. However, that changed last year when we introduced a new horror showcase to the program....

October 29, 2015July 18, 2018

Columbus Day Tales of Journey

Perhaps you have the day free to attend to your (own) daily items. Perhaps not. Regardless, my fellow compatriots, it is Columbus Day. We turn our attention to the story of one character, Italian explorer Christopher Columbus (you’ve heard of him?), who sailed across the Atlantic Ocean and in 1492 landed in the Bahamas. He, to...

October 12, 2015July 18, 2018

The Fruits of Labor Day (Hardly Working)

Labor Day is just around the corner. And contrary to its name, you, the reader, more than likely do not conduct your said labors on that day. But film never sleeps, you see, and consequently the characters within them work every time they’re watched. Their actions are recorded and ultimately looped ad infinitum. Whether their...

September 4, 2015July 18, 2018