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A Short Moment of Decision

Venue: The Triangle 9

Date: Monday, April 30, Time: 6:00 pm -7:36 pm , 1 hr 30min, Cost: Free

Life is generous with throwing catch-22s. These stories invite us to see what happens.


In this heartwarming tale, a Pakistani transgender woman tries to save an abandoned infant and become a mom-- but it doesn't go as smoothly as she expects.


Based on true events, Lula follows the story of Regina 'Lula' Jakubowska as she attempts to protect her husband from German SS officers during WWII. However, a twist in fate leaves Lula with an impossible decision to make.

Two Black Coffees

Things go awry when a woman desperately tries to escape from her domineering husband to be with her secret lover.

The Cage

A story of redemption and survival, The Cage follows a young man who is entangled by the streets of Philly. Violence, anger and death surround him and it is up to him to break free.

The Replacement

It's election night 2032, and Abe, a lonely janitor watches his clone become the first clone President.

I Got You Babe

A young woman must decide how much she is willing to sacrifice to save her boyfriend from the Vietnam War draft by marrying him before midnight.

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