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Held back & Shortly Set Free

Venue: The Triangle 9

Date: Saturday, April 28, Time: 3:30 pm -5:04 pm , , Cost: Free

Insights into the human condition are plentiful in this collection of thought-provoking existential quandaries.


Raised by a strict, religious family, Noora struggles with being her own person. When she falls in love with a local girl named Siv, Noora upsets her family's plans and strays from their religious views.

Behind Barres

A ballet dancer finds herself imprisoned within her own body after a torturous injury. Her subconscious takes control, yet, she must fight in order to discover her inner strength.


Bound by the cultural practices of her family in modern-day Brisbane, a pregnant teenager is torn between hiding the truth behind her illegally arranged marriage and fighting for her freedom.

Joy Joy Nails

With a manicured iron fist, Sarah manages an uptown nail salon. Everything is perfect on her high throne, until her newly-hired manicurist begins to steal the affection of the boss's son. The claws come out, but her polished nails uncover something unexpected.

All Exchanges Final

Hours before her sister is taken off life support, a new mother is offered an unexpected opportunity to make a trade.

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