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Meetings & Short Greetings

Venue: The Triangle 9

Date: Sunday, April 29, Time: 3:30 pm -5:05 pm , , Cost: Free

Life is made up of brief interactions. Combining these, we create the kaleidoscope of our human experience.

Hotel Room

A woman arrives at a hotel room contemplating an irreversible act. In the hotel room, the parallel paths of strangers begin to collide.

five by five

In a bustling metropolis of millions, young Ash is lost. He wants to be the big man but reality hasn't quite delivered. A chance encounter leads to a dangerous decision which itself begins a chain reaction of events.


A photographer and a tribesman brave the dangers of a hostile wilderness while learning to reconcile their differences.

Antouni (Homeless)

A Syrian-Armenian girl living in Armenia, Lori believes her father is taking her on a summer trip. When she learns her family is really leaving Armenia after already fleeing the war in Syria, she tries whatever she can to stay in a place that has great meaning for her.

Two Strangers Who Meet Five Times

Two strangers meet at five key turning points over the duration of their lives. Initial conflict gives way to compassion and eventual friendship.

Happy Together [Samen Gelukkig]

While on their way into town, Mauritus, Gusta, and Chris meet Mohanad. The surprising relationship that grows between the four of them shows that relationships are not contained by national borders.

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