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Relationship Short Stories

Venue: The Triangle 9

Date: Friday, April 27, Time: 6:00 pm -7:39 pm , , Cost: Free

When you least expect it, love will find you and remind you of whom you are.

About Birds and The Bees

A farmer and his 16-year-old son desperately attempt to obtain medication from a pharmacy after the teen has an accident with his girlfriend.


A young girl cares for her younger brother at home, while she awaits her mother's return.

All Against the Sea

A desperate man takes his troubled wife on a kayaking trip in New York City's formidable Jamaica Bay, as what goes unsaid threatens to drown them.

Taxi Date

When a man and a woman agree to go on a taxi date, they are surprised when the other's profiles do not match the reality.

Laughing Branches

After confronted with the infinite possibilities of their future, two struggling actors live out certain alternatives in parallel universes.

The Lightkeeper

Caught in the middle of a storm, a hardened young woman and an aging recluse connect with one another over dinner.

The Arrival

A little boy feels betrayed when his mother has another son and decides to give her a taste of her own medicine-- by summoning another mother.

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