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Short-Lived Sanity

Venue: The Triangle 9

Date: Saturday, April 28, Time: 1:15 pm -2:50 pm , , Cost: Free

The line between sanity and insanity is easily crossed.

Fucking Bunnies [Saatanan Kanit]

Raimo's comfy middle class bubble is burst when a satan worshipping sex cult moves in next door.

Greetings From Kropsdam [In Kropsdam Is Iedereen Gelukkig]

Lammert wouldn't hurt a fly, but his happy life is disrupted when he is suspected of colluding with an energy company. His friends start treating him differently, and he realizes that in his village, everyone is happy unless you're out of luck.

Annabelle Crane

Annabelle Crane travels to a remote writer's retreat in search of inspiration. But there she learns that nothing is to be trusted, not even her own mind.

2018 Newport Beach Film Festival
You’ve made your bed,now lie in it [Som ein reier s’ ligg ein]

When farmer Knut learns from renowned psychic Aksel that he will die in three daysl, he is determined to save his farm from falling into the hands of his annoying brother.

Modern Houses

Max Lin, architecture's celebrated young star, is finally ready to unveil her greatest design.' With the client at the door and her face staring back at her from the cover of Architectural Digest, she hears the whisper that every artist fears.

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