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Youth Film Showcase

Venue: The Triangle

Date: Sunday, April 29, Time: 12:00 pm -1:30 pm , 1h 30m, Cost: Free


A teen looks for fellow survivors in a post-apocalyptic world to see if he is the last person on Earth.

Little Voices

A boy is slowly driven insane by a puppet that visits him at night.

Two of Five Million

Two cousins from Syria flee from ISIS leaving everything they have behind to seek opportunity and freedom.


A PTSD-stricken war vet time travels back to the combat zone to overcome his trauma.

Changyou’s Journey

A cancer-stricken father reminisces about his life through this animated film created by his son.

Jasmine Stung

Jasmine Stung follows a 10 year old child worker trying to sell jasmine flower strings on a hot and busy Mumbai street, in the hope of getting his little sister her first meal of the day.


Small Man. Big Heart. Diagnosed with restricted growth birth defects, 62-year-old Dinh Van Ph' (Ph' Dinh) struggles to overcome the adversities of his condition, but uncovers the significance of knowledge and inner beauty whilst searching for solace.

Palehound “If You Met Her

Is an empty house a home?

Saving Sight

Ophthalmologist Dr. Anthony Aldave chronicles his journeys to developing countries, where he performs and teaches cornea transplant surgery and restores sight to impoverished people.

Missing Piece

A short love story based on Shel Silverstein's book "The Missing Piece". A lonely poet boy meets a sassy roller skating girl and complications ensue.


An avocado farmer who is diagnosed with Parkinson's disease shows his passion for nature and gardening.

An Adventure through Bowling and Time Travel

James, a quirky and awkward man goes on an adventure through bowling and time travel after a first date goes badly.


At the tail end of a school shooting, a student finds himself trapped and realizes that his chances for survival are slim.


A young elf child, ill from constant headaches and barely surviving with her mother in a poor and dangerous land, discovers that her special powers may be her only key to freedom.

One in Thirty: The Story of Henry Oster

Henry Oster was one of only 30 boys under 18 to survive the Holocaust. Personal testimony and animation bring his story to life.

2018 Newport Beach Film Festival

An Iranian-American teenager travels to a small village in Iran to interview people about their opinions of America. She listens to their views and contrasts them with the stereotypes that characterize the Middle East.

Read Between the Lines

Where do you live? Who do you love?


When a teenager is asked to do something unusual, he reluctantly obliges but gets more than he bargained for.

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