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The Newport Beach Film Festival seeks to raise awareness of important issues affecting our environment through cinema. The films cover a wide array of “eco” and “green” topics, including water quality issues, sustainability, natural resource preservation (oil, water, food supply), animal protection, garbage issues, the effects of globalization, recycling, vegetarianism, the adverse effects of industrialized agricultural practices, activism and more.

Since Newport Beach is home to a wealth of natural wonders from pristine beaches to scenic bays to bird estuaries, the Newport Beach Film Festival is the ideal venue to present environmental films and create dialogue on important issues affecting our planet. The Newport Beach Film Festival, in partnership with the Newport Bay Conservancy and OC Parks, presents free year-round environmental film screenings at the Peter and Mary Muth Interpretive Center. Past notable environmental films include The Cove, Climate Refugees, Blue Gold: World Water Wars, Food Fight, Crude, Earth Days, This is Your Ocean: Sharks, The Clean Bin Project, Patagonia Rising and Bhopali.