How far would you go for $5 million? Would you betray your family? Would you lose a couple fingers? Would you kill someone?

Premiering at The Newport Beach Film Festival Wednesday night was Martín Rosete’s film, “Money” which follows a friendship and a family as it crumbles due to constant greed and uncertainty due to a large amount of money.

The film begins with a conversation between a gardener and his employer as they discuss plans of a vacation and how to take care of the greenery surrounding the very unique and box-like house. Shortly after, Mark comes home from work and greets his wife Sylvia with a kiss hello and brief discussion about their dinner plans for later that night.

Venturing upstairs to his private safe, Mark takes out millions of dollars in cash and stores it away leaving the audience with a wary feeling as to how he got that money and why he is hiding it. Hours later, Mark’s friend and coworker, Sean and his current girlfriend, Christina come over for dinner. Leaving the two women to converse, Sean and Mark go to the basement to discuss their earnings of the day as well as Mark handing over a briefcase filled with more money. Through their discussion it is clear to see that whatever business they are doing in order to get that large amount of cash, it is dangerous and completely illegal.

During dinner, Sylvia leaves the table to attend a knock at the door not knowing that her entire night is about to change. Secrets get revealed, guns are pulled out, threats are made leaving the audience on the edge of their seats and surprised throughout the entire film.
With an all star cast including Jesse Williams, Kellan Lutz, Jamie Bamber and more, “Money” is a gripping tale of how karma truly is a bitch if you screw over someone that gave you everything.

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