Class Rank: Two High School Students, One School Board

High school, it is a time of our life where many of us learn a thing or two about our self.

A time where we’re on the verge of not knowing what to do next, or still developing who we are.

Some of us do stupid things, others aim to get good grades, and some are somewhere in the middle.

I remember being somewhere in the middle, wanting to play video games and spend time with my friends.

Unlike the main characters, I was always aiming to get decent grades (I was a B student.)

This is where “Class Rank” shines as it provides a different take on a familiar format.



As I watched the film, I found it be your run-of-the-mill plot with a lot of the same tropes seen in many films.

Guy meets girl, they work together, have feelings for each other, fight, and in the end make up and end up together.

But while the plot seemed generic (at least to me), I liked the approach to the characters and how different they are to other high schoolers.

Instead of having the characters try to fit and assimilate into high school, it revolved around the kids wanting to be part of the school board.

What kind of high school student wants to run for school board?

And that’s what made it fun to watch. Seeing a kid aim for something other high schoolers don’t.

On top of that, the way Bernard and Veronica interacted with everyone was fun to see. From Bernard, Veronica, the Grandfather and everyone, it was fun seeing the world.


But while I enjoyed those parts of the film, some things made me a little annoyed.

Certain scenes would be too distracting where I would lose focus.

In one scene, Bernard and Veronica are in the cafeteria sitting in booth.

As I was trying to put my attention of them and understand them and the story, I kept getting distracted by a couple making out behind them.

Scenes like these made the film feel slow or drag on too long. Leaving them in the film made me uniterested at certain points.


In the end, there were many moments that made me go “Oh yeah, I did that,” or “I knew someone like that,” and that’s where “Class Rank” shines.

The characters were fun to watch and relatable, even if it is to a certain extent.

The plot was a unique twist on the underdog story, by having a high school student partake in something many wouldn’t.

The dialogue was good and the humor was on point.

But even with this, I felt the film lost me several times.

Sometimes the movie would feel slow and drag on, or something was going on in the back would make me lose my focus on the story.

But even with these problems, the film is overall funny and heartwarming experience that I do recommend watching.

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