OCFS Shorts 2015 Showcases NBFF Short-Form Filmmakers

The Orange County Film Society screening season continued with a selection of animated and live-action shorts highlighting NBFF 2015’s short film program. Presented by Director of Short Film Programming Bojana Sandic and selected with the help of Senior Programmer Erika Tucker, these shorts stood out as the best of the fest and serve as a resounding affirmation that short-form filmmaking can yield some of the most creative content.

Ranging from the playful to the serious, the moving to the laugh-out-loud, these bold and adventurous films lit up the Lido Live Theatre and sparked an engaging Q&A session which followed the screening. Eight filmmakers representing six of the shorts were in attendance, including three NBFF 2015 award winners for films The Present (Jacob Frey), Identity Theft (Carlos Lopez Estrada), and The Haircut (Alexis O. Korycinski and Brian Korycinski). They were joined by the filmmakers behind The Answers (Michael Goode and Dan Lissing) and Lost Music (Deborah DaVine and Dale Griffith Stamos) for a conversation on storytelling, perspective, and resiliency in a tough industry.

While their films were drastically different, all of our guests shared an almost tangible passion for their craft and connected with one another’s drive to get their movies made. What began as a standard Q&A evolved into a lively discussion on motivation, guerrilla filmmaking and the upcoming projects of these talented filmmakers, whose futures look resoundingly bright.

The filmmakers were available after the Q&A, staying long past the end of the evening to answer additional questions and simply to chat about movies in general. This unique opportunity was not lost on one OCFS member who remarked, “It’s like you get six directors for the price of one!”
DSC_0028_edited DSC_0010


Image: Left to Right – Michael Goode, Dan Lissing, Jacob Gentry, Carlos Lopez Estrada, Alexis O. Korycinski, Brian Korycinski, Deborah DaVine, Dale Griffith Stamos.

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