The Camaraderie of EditFest LA

The 2015 Editfest LA presented by American Cinema Editors launched with an array of fun and informative editing panels on Sunday, August 1st at the celebrated Walt Disney Studios Campus. As official partners of ACE, NBFF staff were treated to an all-day event getting an insider’s look into the world of editing.

After a pause for conversation and coffee to start the morning, opening panel “From Cutting Room to Red Carpet” kicked off the event. Moderated by Alan Heim, president of ACE, the panel was comprised of Oscar and ACE “Eddie” Award nominees and winners, discussing their methods for developing their craft and showcasing clips of their critically acclaimed work. Among others, the panelists included Wyatt Smith (Into the Woods), Catherine Haight (Transparent) and 2015 NBFF panelist and Oscar winner, Tom Cross (Whiplash).

The following panel, aptly named “The Heroes Journey,” featured super heroes from the editing room, and the conversation brought up poignant topics such as how to build suspense from popular literature and the friendly competition to not make the first Marvel movie to not succeed. All wished Wyatt Smith, from the earlier panel, good luck on Doctor Strange.

Editfest LA is a great atmosphere for new, upcoming and established professionals to discuss the craft of editing and film.  The rest of the day was filled with great conversation among panelists and attendees alike. NBFF staff were treated to “A Look Back to the Future” with legendary editor and two time Oscar winner, Arthur Schmidt, whose work is considered a great contribution to cinema (Who Framed Roger Rabbit and Forest Gump).  We were honored to attend such a fantastic celebration of one of film’s vital crafts!


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