The Nuance and Beauty of '45 Years'

With awards season upon us, the Orange County Film Society screened 45 Years starring Best Actress Oscar hopeful Charlotte Rampling fresh off of a Critics Choice nomination for her performance as a woman coming to terms with devastating changes in her marriage.

The film, directed by Andrew Haigh, premiered to rave reviews at the Berlin Film Festival earlier this year and garnered Rampling the coveted Silver Bear for best performance, the first of many such acting accolades she would be awarded for her subtly tragic portrait.

’45 Years’ is a nuanced depiction of a relationship shaken up despite decades of solidity and growth, a film of quiet beauty artfully crafted by a filmmaker at the top of his game. The ambiguous nature of the movie made it the topic of critical discussion following the packed screening.

One attendee remarked that “it’s the best-acted film of the year, she (Charlotte Rampling) should be a shoo-in for an Oscar nomination”. Whether or not this prediction comes to fruition, ’45 Years’ certainly makes an impression.
The film has a release date of December 23.

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