Before I Disappear

Richie is so stressed out with all the combinations of missing his girl Vista, out of a job, and most dominantly drugs consumption effects. He knows that this can out right be his last day to live due to being out of money to get more durgs. Suddenly his distanced sister Maggie calls, yelling at him asking for a favor to pick up her daughter Sophia from school. Richie and Maggie haven’t contacted each other for about five years. But Richie agrees to help. Looking dosed, he picks up Sophia, who immediately emits a very non-friendly aura on him. Richie goes home after Sophia tells him he can do so. At home he finds out that his friend wrongly supplied menopausal treatment pills to him. Maggie calls her again, furious to know that Richie left Sophia alone. Richie then picks up Sophia and takes her away from Maggie’s apartment on Maggie’s orders due to her being arrested. He tells Sophia that he used to draw cartoon on flip books. One of the characters he created was named Sophia, which Maggie really liked.

Richie doesn’t want Sophia In his place, so he takes her to other places instead. He takes her to a bowling alley but she prefers to do her homework there. The alley’s owner Gideon asks Richie about Gideon’s girl, to which he doesn’t answer completely honestly. Richie then takes Sophia to his ex apartment to retrieve his old flip books but the visit terrifies her. Sophia is calmed after seeing the flip book. Richie’s drug effects takes a toll on him as he suddenly bleeds. Sophia rushes to save him and succeeds. Richie takes Sophia while he meets his drug seller Bill. He remembered seeing Gideon’s girl dying on Bill’s toilet. He immediately takes Sophia out of there. As Sophia asks, Richie explains the distanced relationship between him and Maggie. Richie takes Sophia back to Maggie’s place as Sophia asks. He cant get in because the guards there kick him out due to property distraction earlier that day. He goes to Gideon and tells the truth. He then goes back home and imagines Vista again. This makes absolutely no sense.

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