Learning to Drive

Wendy, a self-absorbed New York book critic, is thrown into shock when her husband leaves her abruptly for another woman. A bitter divorce ensues. Wendy is angry at her ex and men in general, and imagines herself betrayed by those closest to her. She retreats further into isolation.

Among the many adjustments she must make to her new solo life, Wendy has to get a license. When she was married, her husband always drove the car if they went anywhere. Forcing herself to come out of hiding, she signs up for driving lessons.

Her instructor (Darwan) is a Sikh, a political refugee from India. He tries to be patient with his student, who is coming apart at the seams before his eyes. Meanwhile, Darwan is contemplating an arranged marriage to a woman he has never met.

As these two very different characters intersect, they help each other to move forward with their lives.

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