"Love Is All You Need?"

Love, loss, tolerance and acceptance are common, passionate emotions that are felt by people all around the world.

Based on true events, “Love Is All You Need?”, brings these emotions together through romance, drama and tragedy taking the viewer on a suspenseful whirlwind and emotional rollercoaster.

In an all-American college town, the community is rocked when their star quarterback is caught in a scandalous and immoral ‘hetero’ love affair. Judgment, confusion and hate take over the people within this community, who are unable to understand and accept the idea of being different. Thus, leading to the harassment and exclusion of not only the quarterback, but all heterosexuals alike.

In today’s society many see same sex relationships as a sin, taking over the United States and countries world wide as one of the most controversial topics. The writer and director of the film, Kim Rocco Shields explains that we are a very sympathetic culture, however universally we lack empathy, the ability to not only detect what others feel, but also to experience those emotions.

“My intention was to provide the viewer with a unique perspective to enable them to experience empathy for victims of bullying and hate crimes, rather than just sympathy,” Shields said.

‘Love Is All You Need?’ is an adaptation exploring bullying and prejudice through the lens of a reverse world; where homosexuality is the moral norm and heterosexuality is persecuted and shunned, drawing from the issues facing sexuality in today’s world.

Shields explains, “‘Love Is All You Need?’ is my brainchild, my attempt to show the world what it would be like to walk a mile in someone else’s shoes. It is my notion that people are just people and they should not be defined by their sexual preference in any regard.”

With this ideology actions speak louder than words, as Shields takes to the big screen in order to present an artistically formulated feature, drawing in viewers and allowing them to truly feel a wide spectrum of emotions.

Now take the time to answer the film’s leading question: “How would you live if you couldn’t love?”

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