Kilo Two Bravo Comes to Orange County

Just in time for Veteran’s Day, The Orange County Film Society screened contemporary war film Kilo Two Bravo earlier this week.

The film is based on a true story of British soldiers near the Kajaki Dam in Afghanistan who become trapped in a dried-out riverbed as a land mine explodes, taking off both legs of one soldier. As several of his fellow soldiers come to his aid, they have to be cautious of where they step to avoid other landmines and as more soldiers come down to assist, another mine explodes and more men become severally injured. Despite the fear and terror of being trapped between mines, the men are able remain positive by singing and reflecting on memories as they wait for rescue.

The screening was follow by a gracious and illuminating Q and A with the Director, Paul Katis. He provided insightful background to the film, emphasizing the importance of authenticity when basing a plot off of a true story. In preparation, he interviewed the soldiers that were involved in the actual situation and even waited for their permission before writing the script. He mentioned that he wanted the audience to walk away feeling that they had experienced the realities of those in the service, and that even more so, he has been touched by the response of veterans. Veterans have complimented Katis on the realism he was able to capture. “People have come up to me and told me that the experience felt familiar to them, and that is probably the greatest compliment to the film,” he said.

The film opens today at the AMC in Orange and is also available for purchase on iTunes. For those who want more, film bonuses including behind the scenes footage and interviews are available for free download as a BitTorrent Bundle. Once the film reaches a million downloads, the filmmakers will release the full film on a pay-what-you-want platform on Black Friday, with half of the proceeds going to veterans’ organizations.

Kilo Two bravo Director Paul Katis in conversation with NBFF Director of Features Programming Max Naylor

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