My Name Is Emily

This year at The Newport Beach Film Festival, the Irish Showcase began on Sunday, April 24 featuring a new Irish film called, “My Name Is Emily” directed by Simon Fitzmaurice. The day began with a conversation seminar with Irish actor Chris O’Dowd who expressed his excitement and interest in seeing the spotlight film later that night.

During the introduction to the film at the Big Newport theater in Newport Beach, O’Dowd came to the stage to say a few words about Irish films then took a seat with the audience just as the previews began.


“My Name Is Emily” follows Harry Potter actress, Evanna Lynch as she embarks on a journey to break her father out of an insane asylum. The film begins with the background as to how her father ended up locked away and away from his only daughter. His wife passed away after a car accident and he became very crazed about the world engaging in odd behaviors such as walking around nude and frightening members of the town.

His daughter, Emily (Lynch) was then taken to a foster home and began a new school in a new place where she was given the name “freak” due to how she approached lecture topics in school. Catching her eye is her classmate, Adam who took an interest in her as soon as she walked into her first day at school. After bringing her a present on her birthday, Emily decided that she wanted to find her father and brought Adam along with her for the journey.

Despite arguments and many bumps in the road, the two friends make it to the asylum where Emily’s father is and are surprised by what they find. Working together as a team throughout the film, the two friends become closer than ever ensuring a blossoming relationship no matter what other surprises may occur towards the end of their journey.
“My Name Is Emily” is an interesting combination of a coming to age film but heavily involving the idea of needing family no matter what happens. Fitzmaurice did a great job of combining the past with the current when telling the story and picked a great cast to portray every unique character that is shown throughout the film.



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