The Nouns of Film: 'People, Places, Things'

Yet another installment of OCFS screenings for all you attentive cinephiles! James Strouse’s People, Places, Things (2015) continued this year’s line-up at the Lido Live theater on Tuesday night. The film premiered at the Sundance Film Festival on January 26, 2015 and our programming team has since been awaiting the opportunity to get this one in front of our audience here in Newport, where it was anxiously anticipated and pleasantly received by the crowd.

Technically set in New York City, People, Places, Things seems to take place more specifically within the quirky confines of the mind of Will Henry (Jemaine Clement), a graphic novelist and teacher in New York City, as he struggles to piece together his life one year after the end of his marriage to Charlie (Stephanie Allyne). Desperately wanting more time with his two little girls, coping with the break-up and meeting his student’s mother (Regina Hall) as a new potential partner propel the narrative forward to perhaps an uncertain but secure phase in Will’s life.

James C. Strouse is a writer, producer, and director. His work includes The Winning Season (2009) and Grace Is Gone (2007). You can check out his filmography here.

Image: Huffington Post


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